Microsoft 365 & Teams

Hier erfahren Sie in Kürze mehr zu Microsoft 365 & Teams.

Bis dahin gibt’s hier den Twitter-Feed von Microsoft Teams

Need a transcript of your meeting? Discover how Microsoft Teams can help with that:

#MicrosoftTeams mobile app updates:
🆕 Updated look and feel
🆕 Access files stored offline
🆕 Search experience
🆕 Pin chats
🆕 Emojis and GIFs

Check them out:
MicrosoftTeams photo

One of our favorite parts of any party is the PHOTOBOOTH—and our backgrounds make a great booth in a pinch! 📸 #MicrosoftTeams #Photobooth

What #MicrosoftTeams feature is your favorite and why? Let us know! 👇

We like our work with a little bit of play. So, we made it possible to play music in #MicrosoftTeams. 🤘🎶 Start jamming now: